"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

I am your typical Millennial. I was fueled by LIFE cereal and Saturday morning cartoons. Jelly sandals, friendships bracelets, and Rugratz Tees was my attire. My friends included Tamagatchi's, furby's and Bratz dolls, my dog, and the neighborhood boys when they didn't annoy me. I was a 1990's baby and grew up watching people come together after 9/11 and then spread apart after the 2008 recession. I was told as growing up I could accomplish everything by going to college, but when I graduated I had to beg for a minimum wage job at the local aquarium where I learned the cold hard truth of my path as a Veterinarian-- I wasn't cut out for the emotional stress. I had to switch my life passion (that I had since I was a tot) in a blink of an eye and ended up working in a windowless call center.

Seems dim for an about me section, right? Noway! It led me to become the woman I was meant to be. My limitless self. You expect me to be 110% real with you, just as I expect you to be real with me! That's why you need to know that I wasn't always instagram smiles, inspirational quotes, and a "you can do it" mentality. No. I was far from it. In reality I was manic depression, panic attacks that sent me to the hospital, and wet pillows from crying all night. I went through a quarter life crisis that nearly KILLED me, but you know what's cool? I'm still here and truly stronger than ever. I paid for myself to go back to school and get certified as a Sociologist, NLP Master Practioner, Life Coach, CBT Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING I give other women, like you, a chance to skip the crisis I went through and create an unimaginably secure and beautiful life they love.

When I'm not trying to save the world in my yoga pants, I enjoy spending time at the beach surfing or SCUBA diving, Chai tea lattes, giving back my time and money to animal welfare programs, and having Netflix and chill sessions with my stud of a hub John.

I'm a native born Arizonan with a passion for the ocean. I'm a surfer, SCUBA Diver, Swimmer, Certified Lifeguard and oh ya...LIFE COACH with a focus on women's empowerment. Obsessions include: Toe beans and boopers, Chai tea lattes, Disneyland, and yoga pants. Lady of the Deep was coined from the term 'King of the Deep' given to Humpback Whales due to their wisdom and empathy for other animals. LOD was established in 2019 and I'v been keepin' it real since 1990. Read on for the rest!

Hey there!

I'm Krissi Lawton

states I'v visited

Ya wanna know what lights me up? Making people feel, own, and celebrate their limitless selves and blast off with a feeling of empowerment to take control of their life. If I can be that permission granter in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I should have known that the 7 year old girl that could haul and hang up a half ton stack of papers to every light post from light to dawn to promote "Krissi's Pawesome Pet sitting" for $5 an hour would become an entrepreneur someday.


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The Ocean

Lady of the Deep is coined from King of the Deep. A reference to the kind nature of Humpback Whales.

Chai tea

Anywhere there is Chai Tea Lattes and pumpkin anything...count me in!

The Husband

John is my rock. You will hear me talk about him a lot!

Toe Beans

All and every booper and paws are welcome.

favorite things


Want to share your heart and story with me?


 See StoneHedge


 See the northern lights from Finland in a Igloo.


 Tour and explore ALL of amsterdam.


Buy our own home together!


See the Eiffel tower!


 Visit every Continent.


Watch the sunrise at Haleakala in Hawaii. 


 Speak another language fluently.


 Foster kittens.


Meet the president.


Go skinny dipping.


 Fund an entire animal welfare project campaign.


Sponser women's businesses oversees.


Run a full marathon.


Pay off all of my student loans.


 Become a certified scuba diver.


 Walk a red carpet.


 Have a brunch morning wedding at the biltmore.


 Ride in a helicopter over the grand canyon.


gain 10,000 youtube subscribers.

Bucket List