Why Subscription boxes like YogaClub are good for your health.

Subscription boxes. We hear the term everywhere, but what are they? In short, subscription boxes are medium sized boxes filled with specialty goodies delivered to your door for a certain price per month or per quarter. They have subscription boxes for EVERYTHING. From cartoons and 90s themed boxes (hello Nickelodeon) to health, fitness apparel boxes, and personality boxes; there is literally something for everyone.

As an empowerment coach I am always talking to you babes about self-love, gratitude, and self-care. You gorgeous lovelies also know that I am on a weight loss journey of my own. So MY go-to is a yoga subscription box— YogaClub.

Why I Love it

YogaClub is a monthly or seasonal yoga fitness subscription box that delivers high-quality yoga gear to fit your preferences and needs. Here are just a few reasons why I choose YogaClub for my yoga clothing switch-up:

  • They have the most INSPIRING and CARING community, My Yoga Journey, that you can join on Facebook and Instagram for FREE.
  • The owners are amazing women who care about your health and know you are investing in them, so they invest in YOU.
  • Customer service is top-notch.
  • The outfits are name brand.
  • You get a personal designer assigned to you for your yoga wearneeds.
  • You can choose your frequency between a monthly, bi-monthly or a seasonal box. 

What you get

When you sign up, you’ll enter your sizes and what sort of styles you like, love, and dislike. (Full-length bottoms or shorts? T-shirt style tops or bra tops? Bold patterns or solid colors?) Then, the stylists at YogaClub will select items to send straight to your door. You’ll receive products from brands like TeekiMandukaOnzieVie ActiveBeyond Yoga, and more for up to 50% off, according to YogaClub’s site!

If you need to exchange an item, you can do so through YogaClub’s self-service exchange store (you pay S&H) or by swapping/selling within the Community Exchange program.

How does YogaClub make you more accountable?

Subscription boxes keep you accountable by sending a reminder each month without you even thinking about it. You can be having the worst day—you missed that parking spot, spilled coffee on that new white blouse, and your new pup had a mess all over the floor BUT you know when you come home you have a bright pink box of love waiting at your door step ready for you to enjoy.

You know that box is filled with top notch designer outfitscurated for you by a woman that cares about your yoga success. You get EXCITED to try these outfits on and USE them because you know you can share your success (and adorb look) with the YogaClub community right after!

Why wouldn’t you want to ACTUALLY do the work? Do the amazing Yoga, eat those good-for-you veggies, be patient with yourself. Why? Because you know you have a community waiting to hear from you and the status on your successes. In addition, you want to look extra good in those new yoga leggings coming next month!

Whether you are on a weight loss journey, maintaining weight, or learning yoga, YogaClub is not just a box but a community ready to support you.

Ready to get involved?

Head over toYogaClub.com and create a free account to start getting affordable yoga clothesnow! Leave a comment below telling me all about what you got in your YogaClub box and how subscription boxes have helped hold you accountable; let’s yogi geek-out together girlfriend!

  1. Amy

    August 30th, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    Wow. This is great Krissi! Thanks!

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